our story

wiener dog store is a doggie boutique in old world village shopping center in huntington beach, california. we specialize in unique & extraordinary dachshund products & accessories for you and your pet.

wiener dog store was originally a different store that evolved into what it is today. with its doors opened in 1973, it first was 'the coffee mill & espresso bar' along with the next door restaurant, owned and operated by a mom & pop team along their daughter.

when did the wieners come in, you may ask? well it all started in the mid-90's when we began racing dachshunds in the little european village where our shop is. since then we've had about 30 wieners racing once a month on sundays ever since. our family adopted two amazing wiener boys, mijo & max, and our store has grown to carry hundreds of wiener dog specialty items.

wiener dog store is a 100% family-owned & operated business in its original location. so many of our items are unique, limited or one-of-a-kind pieces of art that we cannot offer them online, so come visit us and sign up for the races!

inge mckellop

store owner


wiener dog store

7561 center ave. #38

huntington beach